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The Bea Fine Wire Stapler is made in Germany. With this staple gun, there is no limit to what you can fasten. The equipment is a perfect match for bonding wood, leather, plastic, and fabric.  The handle is rugged, which prevents it from slipping, and it has an exhaust port at the back that protects the user from dust and other pollutants.

If the staple gun gets jammed, simply open the magazine chamber and the problem will be solved immediately. Reloading the magazine is very easy. The trigger is conveniently placed within the reach of the user. All you need to operate the Bea Fine Wire Stapler gun is a compressor that provides from 70 to 120 PSI of air pressure.

This Bea staple gun is covered with a steel cap, which keeps it in good shape. It supports staples that range from 3/8 inch to ¼ inch in size. You can use this staple gun for many hours without getting tired because it’s made from light materials, which makes it easy to move it from one work station to another. The nozzle of the stapler has been extended one inch, which allows the user to drive staples into areas that are difficult to reach.

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The Bea Fine Wire Stapler is a masterpiece. With a one inch extension nozzle, there is no place that’s too hard to reach. Besides that, you will never have to worry about jams because the staple gun unlocks them by moving the driver guide backwards. No matter how big your project is, the staple gun has all the features that you need, all wrapped in one package. As long as you have connected the staple gun to any compressor that has the capacity to pump 70 to 120 PSI worth of air pressure, you are good to go. The staple gun has a long power cord that allows for ease of movement. The handle is rugged to provide a firm grip.


The Bea Fine Wire Stapler is a top of the range product, but there are definitely other staple guns that can match its performance. They include the 3 Pro Fine Wire Stapler and the Duo-Fast Sureshot Upholstery Stapler. The 3 Pro Fine Wire Stapler is powered by compressor, and has a metal cover that protects it from being damaged by debris and water. The handle is padded with rubber material to give the user a strong grip over the tool. This staple gun can accommodate up to eighty-five 3/8-Inch 20-gauge staples with 3/16-inch crowns. It’s fitted with a compressor inlet that allows you to go further without being limited by distance. The staple compartment can be easily opened to check whether there are enough staples. Reloading is simple, as you only need to open the top cover. The Duo-Fast Sureshot Upholstery Stapler is the other alternative. This staple gun comes with a no-mar tip to ensure you don’t scratch your work. The equipment features an exhaust vent that’s designed to redirect dust and debris away from your working space. The tip can penetrate into hard to reach areas. The magazine is easy to reload because the chamber opens from the bottom, and it can carry many staples. The handle is rugged to make it resistant to slipping. The staple gun also has a safety lock that prevents unwanted firings.


The Bea Fine Wire Stapler is the best deal on this list. It has the longest stapler nozzle, which gives the user an edge when working on congested areas. The Bea Fine Wire Stapler gun can be powered by any compressor that generates between 70 and 120 PSI of air pressure. The downside is that it lacks a staple indicator, and that it is expensive.

The 3 Pro Fine Wire Stapler is the second best deal on the list. The staple gun is also powered by a compressor, and features a rear exhaust vent for redirecting dust and debris. The downside is that it can’t function without a compressor. The Duo-Fast Sureshot Upholstery Stapler is at the bottom of this ranking, as it has the shortest muzzle. The other downside is that it comes without a carrying case.

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The Bea Fine Wire Stapler

A well balanced and built tool - We recommend it for any kind of upholstery project and either for a complete beginner or a seasoned expert

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